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How To make music online?
Open Free Online Studio
Add a first track
step 2
Drag a `Drums loop` from the Free library to a Track 1
Replicate samples
step 3
Repeat step 2 three times to get 4 sounds in a row
Add second track
step 4
Click `Add Track` to create additional track
Insert a melody
step 5
Drag a melodic instrument audio loop picked from free library to a Track 2
Mount a BASS
step 6
Add one more track and drag `Bass instrument` loop to it
Spice with a percussion
step 7
Add one more track and fill in with other percussion instrument
Check what you've got
step 8
To listen the whole composition make sure the LOOP SELECTION is off
Save it!
step 9.1step 9.2step 9.3
Open left side bar Menu
Click Export audio option.
Choose file name and submit export
Follow up to get started!
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