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Earn money by creating your musical masterpieces
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Beatmakers, producers, sample producers
Sell: Beats, backing tracks
Sell: One track songs, songs in stems and sample packs
Sell: Raps and vocal snippets as packs
Sell: License song or share revenue
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Rappers, singers, beatmakers
Buy: Beats, backing tracks, legal remixes
Buy: Songs, songs in stems and sample packs
Buy: Raps and vocal snippets as packs
Buy: License for use
Benefits of working in MarketplaceAmped Studio
How often did you buy a project and then arrange it, think about it, how long did it take, several hours, a day, several days?
Further, after you have succeeded, you understand that the wav or mp3 format is very restrictive in your synthesis.
Projects made in our studio can be instantly opened as it was when the creator worked on it. You get full control over everything that allowed you to hear the track as it is. You can instantly start changing the track to your liking and discretion, you can manage any track, any sample and, depending on the format used, apply any effects and tools available in our studio.
New Product Background
Add your new product in Marketplace
Before you start using MARKETPLACE, read the terms and conditions and watch the tutorial.
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Join our Marketplace Amped Studio!
We provided a small bonus for projects created in ableton. Such projects can be opened in wav format with track limitations.
Choice of several types of licenses to sell your product.
Placement of 10 tracks without limits.
Tracks for sale can be sent directly from our studio.
Simple registration.
For processing payments and payouts, the Stripe system is used.
Commission 50/50, this allows you to share the profits as a full partner.
No hidden fees or additional fees.
Affiliate system - invite a friend and get rewarded.
Beatmakers, producers, sample producers
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education step 1
Create Seller Account
Go to the Your Profile Page and register to be a seller and input your banking details for payout with the provided the Stripe Express link.
education step 2
Add Product
With our Seller back end you can upload your product and product graphic, add keywords and information, set the license and price.
education step 3
Promote Your Product
With our Affiliate program you can get extra revenue and by promoting your product on social media, you can create sales beyond the large, existing Amped Studio user base.
Join our Marketplace Amped Studio!
Three easy steps
Types of purchased licenses
Non-exclusive license
A non-exclusive license is non-transferable, non-sublicensable and time-limited.
The Recipient is not permitted to exploit the Track separate or apart from its inclusion in a Derivative Work.
Licensor may continue to license the Track to other third parties.
Recipient shall be required to provide attribution to Licensor on all distributions of the Derivative Work.
Recipient is not permitted to register the Track or the Derivate Work with the U.S.Copyright Office
Recipient shall only distribute the Derivative Work through the following channels:
  • physical compact discs strictly limited to 1000 prints;
  • through internet streaming services, such as Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music;
  • strictly limited to 50,000 cumulative streams. Recipient is prohibited from making use of the song on any monetized YouTube video or channel.
Recipient may engage in any live public performances of the Derivative Work, including Terrestrial Radio, but excluding any Television Broadcast.
However, distribution of the Track or the Derivative work to Terrestrial Radio is prohibited.
Recipient is not permitted to grant any synchronization licenses to the Track or of the Derivative work.
Recipient is not permitted to distribute the Track as is (without Meaningful Additions) under any circumstance.
Licensor shall continue to own all right, title, and interest in and to the master recording and composition of the Track.
Marketplace AmpedStudio is great for selling sound effects, one track songs, songs in stems and sample packs
Kerry Helms
Beatmaker and sample producer
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Singers, Rappers, Beatmakers, Collaborators, Video Producers
Get the Right Sounds
The Marketplace includes custom packs found nowhere else plus sample packs from 3rd party sample companies like Producer Loops and Loopmasters. Many packs also open as arrangements directly in Amped Studio so no additional software needed.
Get the Right License
Each custom pack comes with different license options allowing you to pay for just what your planned needs are.
Support and Grow the Amped Studio Platform
Buying and collaborating with Amped producers benefits the producers directly and Amped Studio allowing us to build better features and a stronger community.
Marketplace Terms and Conditions
AmpedStudio is a complete online music sequencer and sound editor. Our main goal is to make the process of making music accessible to even the most inexperienced users.
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