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Store Your Songs, Sounds and Music Forever
Store all your musical memories with a service optimized for music creators! Pay once and store forever on the Arweave decentralized blockchain.
Store Your Sounds Forever
Keep your most cherished songs, sounds and musical memories stored and safe. Once uploaded your files can not be manipulated, corrupted and changed.
Control Your Data
Permanently store your audio content on a decentralized blockchain with accessing your sounds directly from any web browser. Perfect for sharing songs/sounds with band mates, producers or friends.
Pay Once, No Subscriptions
Pay per song or buy a block of space and save. Over time, forever blockchain storage is a tremendous value over any current storage services or mediums.
Here is How Simple it is to Store Forever
Register at Amped Studio, its free
Register so you have easy access to upload and access your sounds at all times
Upload and Pay via credit card one time
This is an easy and cost effective solution optimized for audio
Upload and Access from your Profile Page
You can easy share your stored content with band members or friends if you wish with just a link
Take all the benefits of Amped Studio in your tablet
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for beginner musicians and composers
per1 Gb
20% Savings
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Pay Per Block and Save – No Subscriptions
per10 Gb
50% Savings
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for professional musicians and composers
per50 Gb
80% Savings
In partnership with the Arweave Network, you can store audio files on the Blockchain easily, inexpensively and just pay once and the file is stored forever. You can upload any audio file and pay per mb (.99 per MB.) or buy space in advance and save!
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Register for free and get one project for free
Free registration
free registration
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